4 Hot Adult Costume Trends For Halloween 2010

Each year, new trends emerge for the popular costumes that will be seen at Halloween parties across the United States. Here are four costume trends that I think we will see a lot of this year:

1. Immigration Costumes – Whether you call it illegal immigration or undocumented immigration, expect to see plenty of jokesters dressed in costumes dealing with the border issues. Whenever you have a political hot topic, costumes are sure to follow. Not all costumes are in good taste, and these certainly will push people’s buttons, but I have already seen both undocumented worker costumes as well as border guard costumes popping up on line.

2. Celebrity Scandals – Celebrities are always a popular themes for costumes, but celebrity scandals offer party goers topical and buzzworthy costume ideas. This year expect to see more than a few ladies dressed as famous young jailhouse and rehab denizens. For the guys, there should be no lack of high profile scandalous golfers or drunken ranting actor costumes.

3. Comic Books and Video Games – Each year comic books and video games become more mainstream. And with each year, comic book conventions such as Comic-Con grown more popular and expose more people to comic book costumes. There is a lot of buzz building up around upcoming films based on comic books such as the Green Lantern, Thor and the Avengers. This year will find plenty of guys that look like classic superheroes. Video games like Red Dead Redemption also provide a wealth of costume ideas.

4. Sexy Costumes – There is nothing new about ladies choosing sexy Halloween Costumes. In fact that seems to be the most common trend for adult women attending adult parties. I included this as a hot adult costume trend because this year will see more ready-made sexy costumes than ever before. Each year the assortment of styles and sizes available grows exponentially. Several new sexy lines have been released this year, including a new line based on the recent Alice in Wonderland film. And the current female pop sensation who constantly pushes the envelope of creative outfits offers the do-it-yourself costume creator with a plethora of ideas for sexy woman costumes.

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